Welcome to the Fall 2018 Student Activities Fair mobile guide!

When: Friday, September 14th from Noon - 3 P.M.

Where: Dillon Gym

The primary goal of this event is to create a forum for you to explore opportunities (student organizations, community service, employment) available to you. You can use this mobile guide to help identify groups and activities that might interest you, so you may visit them at the Fair.

If you know the name of the group you are looking for, you can enter it into the "Search Groups" box at the top of this page to receive more information on that groups location at the Fair.

If you know the category of group that interests you, click the + button in the top right and select "List Groups by Category". You can then select a category to see groups attending the Fair who fall under that category.

Otherwise, you may list all of the groups attending the Fair either alphabetically or by their assigned table number.