Residential College Adviser Job Description:

FSI Program Overview

FSI is a seven-week summer program that allows a cohort of entering students the chance to experience the intellectual, co-curricular, and social life at Princeton prior to the beginning of the fall semester. During the program, Freshman Scholars immerse themselves in the intellectually vibrant culture at Princeton through seminar-style courses and/or laboratory research experiences, engage with fellow scholars in a variety of co-curricular, community-building activities, and work closely with faculty members from a range of academic disciplines and fields. By experiencing early the many resources that Princeton has to offer, Freshman Scholars have the chance to prepare themselves to be future campus leaders and peer mentors. In the summer of 2019, FSI will begin on July 1st (Monday) and conclude on August 31st (Saturday).

FSI RCA Position Overview

The FSI RCA position is a summer leadership position for experienced Princeton undergraduates. FSI RCAs work closely with small groups of student advisees to promote an appreciation of the diverse Princeton residential community and to foster a welcoming, safe, and stimulating environment for all residents of the program.

More specifically, RCAs assist new students in the transition to college life and provide guidance as they develop responsible decision-making skills in social, personal, and academic spheres. RCAs provide support as students in their advisee groups manage health and adjustment issues, roommate relationships, and the demands of academic work and extracurricular activities. They also employ their familiarity with campus resources to serve as vital communications links between all offices and organizations of Princeton and FSI students.

While RCAs are immediately responsible for students in their advising areas, they also work as part of a small advising team, combining advising strengths to give zees a choice of Advisers in whom to confide. RCAs work very closely with each other to make sure that all their zees feel safe, comfortable, and engaged. As an integral part of the FSI Staff, RCAs engage in regular, direct, and face-to-face communication with advisees, with each other and with the entire FSI staff including RGSes, DSL Amy Ham Johnson, Dr. Ashlee Shaw and Dean Gonzalez. All advisers are expected to uphold policies and model good decision-making and community living as peer leaders. In other words, FSI RCAs are mature, generous and thoughtful campus leaders who seek to work collaboratively with staff and administration to create a warm, welcoming environment for the entire FSI community.

Although FSI is the primary responsibility of RCAs, many often combine their FSI obligations with campus research opportunities or other part-time jobs in and around Princeton over the summer.


FSI RCAs receive:

Requirements and Expectations

Pre-FSI commitment FSI RCAs should plan to spend approximately 8-10 hours per month preparing for FSI in April and May on the following activities: Program Commitment during the length of the program (July 1-August 31), FSI RCAs should plan to spend approximately 20 hours per week on the following activities:



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