President Tilghman recently appointed a Committee of students, faculty and staff to develop procedures for administering the prohibition 1) on freshmen affiliation with a sorority or fraternity during the freshmen year and 2) on students in the other three classes conducting or having any responsibility on behalf of any Greek organization for any form of rush or solicitation in which freshmen participate or are invited to participate.

The Committee will be actively seeking ideas and suggestions from students and other community members through conversations and focus groups, but we want to ensure that any member of the community who wishes to share suggestions or observations may do so. The Committee was asked to consider several questions and we are eager to hear your thoughts as we begin our work. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas with us. You will be asked for log-in authentication, but all responses will be anonymous.

If you are a current Princeton student, faculty or staff member, please login with your Princeton NetID and password. If you are an Alumna/us, please login with your TigerNet ID and password.

Thank you for your interest. This survey has closed as of Friday, December 2nd at 5:00 pm.